Sean is a knowledgable, smart, and kind real estate agent. He helped guide me through the entire home-buying process, from initial contact all the way through helping find contractors months after the purchase. His soft demeanor mixed with his intelligence and attentiveness really helped me through my first home-buying experience. I've recommended Sean to strangers...he's just that good.

What's really amazing about Sean is his ability to observe his clients' reactions to houses, ask pointed questions, and tailor future matches to what he learns. He worked tirelessly to find new potential matches that had features we didn't even talk about, but which he inferred were really important. He also used this knowledge, along with his knowledge about the local market, to give me great personalized advice about neighborhoods, house features, potential upgrades, and most importantly of all, when to bid and when to walk. You just won't find a better real estate agent in Boulder. 


Casey and Jodi

Sean is amazing! My boyfriend (now husband) and I decided to combine households. I needed to sell my place but it was a down market. I'd already tried renting it out and quickly found that I didn't like being a landlord. That's where Sean came in. My now father-in-law recommended Sean to me. He walked me through every step of my first real estate sale with complete honesty. I already knew I wouldn't get back what I put down on the condo, but neither did I take a huge loss. I credit this to Sean's realistic negotiations, both with me as the seller as well as with my buyer. I sold my condo in no time flat! My boyfriend and I couldn't have been happier as we moved into the next step of our life together.


Diane and Fred

My husband and I worked with Sean McIllwain of Mod Boulder for both selling our house and buying a replacement home this past year. We knew many good agents in town, but felt Mod Boulder was really the best fit for us. Sean and his group have an easy-going, low-pressure style. Their marketing materials are standout. And, the professional photographer Mod Boulder uses is a nice added touch. Ours was not an easy sale because of complicated issues involved with having a well, septic, irrigation ditch and no city services. Sean worked through all this, even submitting paperwork to the various agencies on our behalf, making sure everything was in order for selling our property and getting the price we asked, all in a very timely fashion. On the buying side, Sean found just the right place, which fits our lifestyle perfectly and which my husband and I both love. (Not an easy task, I might add!) Once again, we had a complicated buying situation and Sean and his team took us through the process, turning what could have been a nail-biting experience into something much less so. 


Julie and Sander

Sean is a great realtor and a wonderful person. We asked to look at a tremendous amount of houses and he was always enthusiastic and patient with us, which we greatly appreciated. (We were probably the pickiest clients he had ever met but he was always kind and professional.) 

The biggest problem with others brokers in the area is that they want to find the easiest way to make a deal so that they can get paid—Sean never made us feel this way. Instead, he was always looking out for us, and that meant a lot. We've recommended Sean to anyone and everyone.