the lucky house

of Heart Fire Mountain Retreat

Year-Round Residence

Road Grader Included

Each season brings its own charm and unique energy to the home. The house is "interactive" which means one becomes engaged with its efficient operation. From stoking the wood in the masonry heater to baking a pizza in its oven or seeing the solar panels working even during the cold and snowy days, the house feels alive with its own presence. It does what is was built to do. The generator turns on automatically if the house requires extra energy and its comforting to know that even at night or on cloudy days, the house is able to completely run itself.


Fall is a peaceful time at the Lucky House. As the flowers fade and the days grow shorter and the aspens begin to sparkle with fall color, the elk come to visit. Herds of elk often bed down in the meadow in the front of the house. It's a cozy time and wonderful place for having friends over for Halloween fun or Thanksgiving dinners.


Winter at the Lucky House can be an adventure. The fireplace is glowing and the snow may be flying, but the house can be especially quiet and serene. To see the distant nighttime lights twinkling in the valley can give a person the feeling of being "above it all." There can be times when it's a bit like living in Switzerland with snow drifts all around or it can be dry with not a cloud in the sky. Sometimes the clouds may be below the house and the house above them. Longs Peak is majestic and feels close in the winter. It's a fantastic place to celebrate the holidays, especially Christmas and New Year celebrations. How lucky to be able to snowshoe from your front door or slide down your own private sledding hill. Not to mention that the Eldora ski area is just 23 miles away, Vail 2 hours, and Steamboat only 3 hours.


Spring can also be changeable with snow melting and flowers popping up. It can be "mud season" with the spring run-off creating sudden pools in the driveway with frogs! Winter and Spring can be windy at the house but the sturdy roof and building do not move at all. "Pocket squirrels" and chipmunks too come out of hibernation at this time of year and coyotes, wolves, and  occasionally bears have been known to make a presence!