the lucky house

of Heart Fire Mountain Retreat

Educational / Spiritual Retreat

Surrounded by the beautiful foothills ecosystem, the Lucky House homesite is a pristine environmental resource and the ideal location for a retreat. This possibiltyy has not been lost on other entities as both the Cal-Wood Environmental Education Center and the Balarat Outdoor Education Center are nearby.

Imagine a spiritual retreat to raise self-awareness and personal growth, an educational retreat to teach the intricacies of a mountain ecosystem, or even a yoga retreat to relax, reboot, and recharge.

The Lucky House was designed with these possible uses in mind. The floor plan includes 3 studio spaces to meet the needs of whatever you can dream up.


Nearby Retreats

Cal-Wood Environmental Education Center

The name Cal-Wood honors the names of the Calvert Family and Larry Wood, a close friend who was instrumental in the establishment of the organization. Since 1981, Cal-Wood Education Center has conducted programs that honor the Calverts’ love for sharing nature with others, particularly children.

Cal-Wood’s land was initially used as a summer field station for geology students from the Albion College in the late 1970s. In 1981 the Calvert Lodge and adjacent eight cabins were built and programming began. Throughout the 1980s, Cal-Wood partnered with the Boulder Valley School District to provide every sixth grade student a 3-day program taught mostly by high school interns. Rafael Salgado, Cal-Wood’s current Executive Director, was hired in 1999 and under his leadership, Cal-Wood re-established school programs as the organization’s focus, specifically outreaching to low-income, multicultural groups. 

Balarat Outdoor Education Center

Roger and Oral Calvert donated their Boulder County foothills ranch in the late 1970s, along with an endowment to The Pilot Trust, with a vision that their land be used as a place for people to learn about the environment.

The Calvert Family also donated 500 acres of land to Denver Public School District for what is now Balarat Outdoor Education Center. in September 1975 a group of fifth graders from Whiteman Elementary School became the first DPS children to experience a resident program at Balarat.