the mod squad

Sean McIllwain  
Founding Broker

After a home search of my own, I noticed that the needs of the modern home buyer were not being met in the Boulder market. Recognizing how difficult spotting modern architecture in a real estate landscape dotted with traditional houses can be, I began keeping a list of all the "cool" homes in Boulder. After talking with friends and associates, I realized my knowledge needed to be shared and the result is Mod Boulder. 

Real estate truly is not just a job, it’s a passion. I share my clients' excitement about architecture and understand the need to provide them with premium service and expert local knowledge. As a professional, it is my goal to make the entire process a comfortable and stress free experience, from start to finish.

Mary Hammett
Associate Broker

I arrived in Colorado in a covered (station) wagon, about 100 years ago – or so it seems! As a small child, moving to the Wild West was a very exciting proposition and it was a journey I thoroughly enjoyed.

Imagine my surprise to find that Boulder looked nothing like Bonanza or Gunsmoke — no dirt road main street, swinging saloon doors, or gunfights at high noon. But we did have miles of wide open spaces in the foothills of Boulder, lovely little groves to hike along Bear Creek, and dipping our toes in the shady water outside the library.  I learned to ride horses, pinky-swear, and get into that freezing cold pool in Eldorado.  Now I enjoy taking leisurely bike rides, beautiful photos, and cool hikes in the foothills, visiting with friends and looking for houses!

Fleetwood Mathews
Associate Broker

Having been in Boulder for over a decade and a half, I've watched it grow from a town to a city. Being an east coast transplant and CU Boulder alum, I can appreciate the draw of Boulder and the eclectic, forward thinking community. To me, Boulder remains a highly desirable place for everything from education and food to sustainability and technology.  

With a background in advertising and tech start-ups, you could say my speciality is matching client personality and needs to a property representative of both. I love getting to know people, understanding their story, and finding them something that makes them happy. Having bought and sold property in Boulder, I'm excited to simplify the process and share tips with all my clients, be it first timers or investors. When I'm not previewing the most interesting properties, you can find me aggressively pursuing my latest hobbies. The current ones are trail running, climbing, cooking, and bowhunting. In the past, I’ve been know to race road bikes, practice Brazilian jiu jitsu, and tour the mountains on my motorcycle.

Laura Hobbs
Communications Contessa

I’m a freelance writer and editor who helps small businesses find their voice and speak to their audience effectively and distinctively through website copy, social media, emails, and blogging. I believe in fresh, engaging communication that cuts through the jargon and ad speak to convey a clear, digestible, and valuable message. I don't consider myself a marketer; I consider myself a communicator. 

When I'm not writing for clients, I'm writing my own stories. I've been featured in Thoughtfully MagazineBoat Magazine, and Do South Magazine, and I exercise my writing muscle regularly through my daily Tiny Tales. This stuff? It's what sets my soul on fire. 


Steve Lowtwait
Marketing Genius

The influence that is most apparent in my work is that of vintage poster design. However, my intent is not to create art as if it belongs to a bygone era. Rather, I combine the idyllic sentiments of the past with contemporary influences to create a timeless image.

Art is more than a pretty picture. It is about the act of creation. This is what gives me my entrepreneurial drive. I'm inspired to build things - not just artwork - but stories, products, connections, and movements. "Creativity" itself is my fuel.