Municipal Building Landmarked


Boulder's elected leaders agreed Tuesday night to make the Municipal Building at 1777 Broadway — the building where the City Council meets every week — a historic landmark. This building was designed by James Hunter. This is the second time in seven years that the council has been asked to preserve the building, much of which was first built in 1951. An addition was put on in 1962. The last time the issue came before the council, in 2001, its members voted 3-5 against preserving it. On Tuesday, Chris Meschuk, a historic preservation planner for the city, told the council that the building is historically significant in that it was the first building dedicated to being the city’s headquarters. The building was also constructed in the “international style,” which had debuted in the 1920s and slowly moved west. This time around, the motion to preserve the building got a friendlier reception: The City Council voted unanimously to make the Municipal Building a landmark. Councilwoman Susan Osborne praised the timing of the decision, just a week before the city celebrates its 150th birthday. “I just think it’s so perfect that we’re doing this before next week’s celebration,” she said.

-Daily Camera