Modern Possibilities

A recent South Boulder listing's great lines caught my eye.  While the 966 square foot home is small, the list price of $379,000 leaves plenty of room for the needed renovating.  After previewing the home, my head was spinning with ideas.   My imaginary changes went from simply updating the existing finishes to moving the front door, shifting the bedrooms from the front to the rear and adding a large, trellis covered patio on the south side.  The basic rectangular footprint is the perfect starting point for creating a personalized floor plan.


A few blocks over, the same model of home was renovated by architect Y Rose Fivian.   By adding a garage and court yard area, it was transformed from a 60s tract home into a stunning ranch with mid-century modern overtones.  You can see more about this update at Y. Rose Fivian's blog.  While the lot position of the above home (the carport sits right on the setback line) will not allow for this exact addition, the redesign shows the modern possibilities.