Affordable Mountain Mod

The city of Boulder has a fantastic selection of modern houses but the price point can sometimes be prohibitive. Once you get outside the city limits, prices drop substantially. Additionally, the lot sizes are much larger and the natural landscape is incredible. Below are three cool mountain mod homes (all within 15 minutes of Downtown) that recently went under contract for less than $300,000. 

Here's a shed-roofed ranch that combines mid-century modern architecture with rustic finishes. It's surprising how two opposing styles can work so well together. Notice that the roof lines blend in beautifully with the surrounding nature.


Noted as Boulder's version of Falling Water, this home actually has an intermittent stream running beneath it!  Lots of skylights, large windows and exterior lights that are built in to the brick give the house a mod flair.



Oozing mid-century with its integrated carport and variety of textures and finishes, this hidden gem offers "a living in the trees" effect by having the main living area on the upper level. The mountain fresh air is brought in through a large sliding door while the deck is simultaneously protected from the summer heat by a deep overhang.