The Cunningham House

Sitting on a private 1.9 acres, the Cunningham house was a small ranch style home that Charles Haertling designed an addition for in 1983 and was one of his last commissions.  The structure of this addition is set apart and very distinct from the original building. It rises 2 stories above the ground with pronounced pointed corners that cantilever out dramatically.  Throughout the home exists beautiful double mitre woodwork.  The north end of the home contains the master bedroom and attached sitting area.  Simply accessing this master suite is a joy into itself.  You ascend stairs that lead to a bifurcated entry.  This room has a fireplace in the center facing a wall of windows that frame beautiful trees.  These windows are recessed slightly from the ceiling to expose a design detail that echoes the support beams.  The master bathroom is in the southwest corner and is tastefully appointed. 

While previewing Digger's Braymiller's fantastic listing, I was awed many times.  If ever a home has an overwhelmingly positive energy, this is it.  At every turn, the architecture made you feel a part of the structure.  Haertling's design also made sure that the extensive landscape was felt while inside.  The home was remodeled in 2005 with an Asian flair that fits the architecture perfectly.  Although the list price of $2,295,000 is prohibitive for most, the lucky buyer of this home will own a modern jewel.